Adapt Information Technology Exemplifies Its Drive to modernize Sri Lanka’s Technological Landscape


Being a pioneer in the field of information technology in Sri Lanka, Adapt Information Technologies (AIT), which provides seamless services covering system integration, IoT, and security while being an enabler of technology, recently conducted a seminar focusing on latest trends in networking technologies, IT infrastructure, and cybersecurity. The event led by high-tech professionals titled ‘Journey Towards Modern & Secure Infrastructure’ was attended by technology professionals from various industries and corporate leaders. It was held at Vertical by Jetwing and the keynote speech was delivered by cybersecurity expert Dr. Lakmal Rupasinghe.

Having demonstrated its continuous commitment to improve technical knowledge of the community, AIT organized the conference as another untiring move, focusing on latest trends in networking technologies, IT infrastructure, and cybersecurity. By identifying areas of Sri Lanka’s technological landscape that are lagging behind international standards and increasing security threats, AIT shared their expertise in such aspects for the benefit of the stakeholders concerned. The seminar focused on three key aspects, namely cybersecurity, Software Design Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) technology, and Hyper Converge Infrastructure (HCI). AIT being founded on three pillars—system integration, IoT solutions, and security—and being an enabler of technology, the intention of the seminar was to educate relevant stakeholders in Sri Lanka to encourage such parties to adapt the new technologies in order to make Sri Lanka becomes more agile, reliable and globally competitive.

The main segment of the conference was the educational session on cyber security which is gaining importance due to the proliferation of cybercrimes. The keynote speech—which focused on cybersecurity—was delivered by Dr. Lakmal Rupasinghe, a renowned expert in cybersecurity. In his speech, Dr. Rupasinghe explained the importance of raising awareness of threats, incident reporting, and the government-backed scheme ‘Cyber Essentials’. Later, he enlightened the audience on common threats such as ransomware and phishing. At the end of the speech Dr. Rupasinghe provided practical suggestions and solutions to avoid being victimized.

Subsequently, the presentation on the second key aspect, SD-WAN technology, was delivered by the Head of Technical at AIT, Mr. Geethanjana Wanninayake. SD-WAN, is an advanced version of Wide Area Networks (WAN) with certain notable improvements such as support for wired and wireless technology, bandwidth detection, link degradation / destination failure detection, application awareness, and multiple application prioritization. SD-WAN can be highly beneficial for organizations in making their WAN networks faster, efficient, robust, and secure.

Making a segue from SD-WAN technology to one of the latest trends in IT infrastructure, the Head of Pre-Sales at AIT, Mr. Nalinda Tikiri Bandara, explained about Hyper Converge Infrastructure which enables managing three functions of the traditional three-tiered architecture consisted of network, computing, and storage in one interface. In the traditional three-tiered architecture, management of each tier requires coordination with vendors of other tiers which makes the process significantly cumbersome. With HCI, all three tiers are included in one interface, with a dashboard-like graphical user interface to manage all three. Moreover, HCI facilitates companies to increase overall agility, simplicity, degree of modernization, and scalability.

Director Business Development of AIT Mr. Charindu Silva elaborated on company’s objectives and its plans for continuation of knowledge sharing, ‘Throughout our journey since 2016, we, a team of young entrepreneurs, have been able to guide numerous parties in the right direction in technology by being a true consultant who understands clients’ requirements and offers complete solutions that suit their needs—instead of merely selling technology products’. He further highlighted, ‘In Sri Lanka, we have observed that there is a substantial gap in expertise when solutions are offered to customers. With our proven expertise, we have been able to bridge that gap by providing technological solutions with complete knowledge about them while fulfilling clients’ requirements. To share our expertise with a wider community, we look forward to conducting more knowledge sharing events in the future’. Adapt Information Technologies has continuously sought opportunities to improve knowledge about information technology and its trends among relevant parties that can result in the overall elevation of Sri Lanka’s position in the global IT and business arena’. Mr. Silva continued, ‘With proper knowledge, decision makers can make informed decisions to allocate resources to make their systems robust and optimized, enabling them to advance in their goals. Organizing events such as the one in question significantly contributes to achieving our objective of being a technology driver’.

Furthermore, Director Oversees Operations of AIT Mr. Sameera De Silva commented, ‘The world is moving rapidly on a wave of technological advancements and the new normal created by the unfolding pandemic. While businesses embrace modern technology to sell goods and services, engage with customers, and create value, streamlining processes for compliance purposes have also emerged as critical needs. Our plan from the get-go was to venture overseas for growth, to prove our expertise abroad, and bring experiences and knowledge from those markets back to Sri Lanka. We have built a robust domestic client base, and from 2020—despite the global pandemic—we have been growing our overseas business, starting with Maldives. We have made inroads into Maldives as well as Singapore and we are excited about the opportunities we have unlocked for ourselves and for Sri Lanka. In a way, the pandemic helped us showcase our expertise and inherent strengths while enabling us to get immersed in new technological trends in the global arena. We are delighted to have brought our internationally proven expertise to share for the benefit of Sri Lankan businesses and IT professionals through this knowledge sharing session”.

Towards the conclusion of the seminar, a quiz competition was conducted by Mr. Chathura Madushanka, AIT’s Business Development Manager—which was enthusiastically participated by the audience—and three winners were selected. Concluding the event, Mr. Sameera de Silva delivered a vote of thanks, which was followed by a networking session and dinner.

Adapt Information Technology has established its standing as a leading information technology solutions provider specializing in all-encompassing, cohesive, and functional IT systems, IoT, and cybersecurity solutions. With operations in Sri Lanka and Maldives, AIT serves a wide array of renowned entities in various regions of the world. Since the establishment in 2016, AIT has formed more than 50 partnerships and acquired over 100 certifications, while emerging as a technology driver based on three pillars: systems integration, IoT solutions, and security. Within a short period of time, AIT has been recognized by various reputed entities, while maintaining high-tier partnerships.