What We Offer


All-encompassing, cohesive and functional IT system integrations for all requirements.

We build a reliable, efficient and secure environment that is optimal for information management. Our expertise provides the tools and intelligence needed to simplify complex infrastructure, software applications and infrastructure to act as a coordinated whole. Our aim is to deliver a solution that not only addresses the requirement but optimizes the operations.

Security Solutions

Information security solutions to protect your business continuity

Data is the most valuable asset of any organization in the current day and age. Everyday threats are evolving to disrupt business continuity, challenge the business growth, and harm reputation. The results are causing financial, data, and time losses. At AIT we help to understand the security services growth needed for the business. Be it the endpoints, network, applications, or monitoring the organization, we have you covered with solutions. Our priority is to design a solution that you can buy without compromising confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the organization.

Support Service

Over the years we have been able to collaborate with some of the world’s leading third-party maintenance contract providers, through which AIT provides a unique service for existing hardware infrastructure covering all the leading
brands such as:

We are proudly extending our support services for the above brands. Apart from that we provide solutions such as hardware renting (opex model), and repairing spare parts and accessories. We are privileged to deliver these services
at your doorstep with pride.