Security Solutions


Information security solutions to protect your business continuity

Data is the most valuable asset of any organization in the current day and age. Everyday threats are evolving to disrupt business continuity, challenge the business growth, and harm reputation. The results are causing financial, data, and time losses. At AIT we help to understand the security services growth needed for the business. Be it the endpoints, network, applications, or monitoring the organization, we have you covered with solutions. Our priority is to design a solution that you can buy without compromising confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the organization.

What We Offer

Perimeter Security

Adapt Information Technologies provides a comprehensive range of perimeter security solutions, including perimeter firewalls, IPS, IDS prevention, application load balancer, DDOS prevention, sandboxing, and APT solutions. Our solutions are designed to keep your network secure from external threats and unauthorized access.

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Network Security

We offer a range of network security solutions, including internal firewall, email gateway, DLP, web gateway, NAC & PAM network, and SD WAN. Our network security solutions ensure that your data remains safe and secure while allowing your employees to work remotely and access your network from any location.

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Data Security

Adapt Information Technologies provides advanced data security solutions that include DLP, data classification, FIM, encryption, and data right management. Our data security solutions help you protect sensitive data and ensure that it is only accessible to authorized users.

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Endpoint Security

We offer a range of endpoint security solutions, including next-gen AV, EDR & XDR, DLP, patch management, and MDM & mobile security. Our endpoint security solutions protect your devices from malware, viruses, and other cyber threats, ensuring that your data remains secure.

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Application Security

Adapt Information Technologies provides advanced application security solutions that include internal firewall, web gateway, email gateway, SD WAN, IAM, MFA, database monitoring & scanning, and application security testing & management. Our application security solutions help you identify and mitigate vulnerabilities in your applications, protecting them from cyber threats.

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Security Management

We offer a range of security management solutions, including incident handling, IAM, SOAR, SIEM, and performance management. Our security management solutions help you identify and respond to security incidents quickly, ensuring that your business operations remain uninterrupted.

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